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The Oxbow Middle School Counseling Program is designed to assist students in having a successful school experience, to assist parents in supporting students through school, and to assist teachers in meeting the needs of the wide range of students in the classrooms


The Oxbow High School Counseling Program is designed to facilitate each student’s exploration of interests, skills, and values as they relate to career awareness. Through this process we strive to assist students and parents in finding the most appropriate options for students once they graduate from high school. In working with students we use a variety of group administered interest and skill assessments as well as individual exploration through the use of the Naviance system.

Bernadette Smith

802-222-5124 x145

Student Services Secretary

Amanda Regis

802-222-5214 x


Kathy Garone

802-222-5214 x154

Grades 9-10

Lomond Richardson

802-222-5214 x139

School Counseling Coordinator and Grades 11-12

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