Student Council

Student Council meets Wednesdays at noon — Remote Days. Here is the
Zoom link.


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Oxbow’s Student Council meets every Wednesday on Zoom. Elected
student government representatives and any other interested students
(who can become “ad hoc” members after attending six consecutive
meetings) run the Oxbow social calendar and other student-emanated
events. We’re keeping the old regime until we figure out how to get a new
The presidents or co-presidents are usually elected by the student body in
May, and begin their term in June, reaching into the next school year. The
secretary and treasurer are then elected from student council
representatives and ad hoc members in September. But again, we are just
rolling with what we have until we figure it out.
Oxbow’s Student Council traditionally runs the Welcome Back Dance in
September; Homecoming Events for the Homecoming Dance in
September or October, depending on the athletic calendar; supports
Trick or Treat Street at the Grafton County Home in North Haverhill,
N.H.; runs the Halloween March; coordinates Holiday Caroling at
Grafton County Home, the Atkinson Home, and the Margaret Pratt

Center; runs the Winter Carnival Games and Winter Carnival semi-
formal dance; participates in the March of Dimes walk; encourages

Green Up Day participation, and many other events that arise during the
school year. Who knows how much of this will happen in the pandemic?

In recent years, Student Council has also used its advocacy role to lobby
for increased wireless access for students at school; lengthened passing
times between classes; considered alterations to the school dress code;
proposed redecorating rest room facilities, and examined student parking
Student Council co-presidents for 2020/2021 are Abagail Carson and
Hayden Palmer. Kailey Drake is the secretary/treasurer until elections