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Notes from our Nurse

Immunizations.  All students are required to comply with Vermont’s immunization recommendations, and, as of this year, only religious beliefs and medical conditions verified by a health care provider will be permitted as reasons for not immunizing children.  I will be checking all student records and contacting parents whose children need vaccinations.

Ronald McDonald Dental Van.  The Ronald McDonald Dental Van comes to Oxbow in the fall and spring, with a dentist and a dental hygienist on board.  We have approximately 25 students who currently use the van for their dental care. If you live in Vermont and would like your child to be added to this list of students, please contact me.


School Nurse News.   Deer ticks are found in grassy areas and woods in Vermont, and they can carry a potentially serious disease, Lyme Disease.  Deer ticks are quite small, only as big as a freckle, and they can be found all year long, especially in the spring and fall.  If there is a possibility that a tick was on your body for more than 24 hours, contact your doctor to see if you should take prescription medication to prevent Lyme disease.


The Flu.   Flu season is usually sometime in the winter or spring, but people can get the flu any time of year.  Flu shots are available at Kinney Drugs, Hannaford’s, and at your doctor’s office. If you are sick with a fever and fatigue, see your doctor immediately and please, stay home and rest.


Vermont Department of Health Notices.  The Department of Health website at healthvermont.gov is a good source for local information and I encourage people to use it for updates about illnesses and staying healthy.

Amy Smith

School Nurse


(802)-222-5214 ext. 148