Scholarships can come from many different places.

  • National: There are national scholarships in which students are competing nationally for the money that is dispersed. FastWeb is one scholarship search engine students can access.

  • State and Regional: There are state and regional scholarships that are mostly applied for by using the VSAC Scholarship Book that is generated every year. VSAC takes on the role of organizer and clearinghouse for the paperwork that is sent in and then disseminates the paper to the proper group or organization that has offered the scholarship. New Hampshire students can also access NHCF for scholarship applications.

  • Local: There are local scholarships in which for some, students apply to and often interview for, and others are awarded through a school-based committee based on specific criteria for each scholarship.

  • College Specific: There are also scholarships available through the colleges themselves including both merit and need-based.

  • Employers: There are some scholarships available through employers in our area, especially ones that are more corporate-based.