Oxbow Community Scholarship for Excellence

This scholarship opportunity is available to all students who attend Oxbow High School. Students must register one time by November 15 while in high school, preferably in their freshman year but can be done any Fall. Click OCSE First Time Sign Up 2018 for the registration form and return to the guidance office. Each Fall students must complete a point tally sheet and attach a copy of the previous year’s report card. Points are awarded to students for achieving grades of A or B in any course in any quarter, having good attendance, parent participation in school groups or activities, taking SAT, ACT, or AP exams, achieving special honors or awards, and for performing documented community service.

Each year approximately $15,000 is raised and divided among students who have participated in the program. Awards have ranged from $50 to $1300 depending on the number of points earned by the student and the amount raised that year. For more information, contact the Guidance Office.
To donate, funds may be mailed to: OCSE, 36 Oxbow Dr, Pvt, Bradford, VT 05033.

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