Information from VSAC:

For Seniors:

  • - May 1st is typically the deadline to commit to a college. Use this tool to see if a school you have applied to has made any changes to their deadlines. Or call the school directly to double check.

  • - VSAC still plans to have most scholarships selected and awarded by May 1st. 

  • - Filed the FAFSA but something has changed for your family’s finances? Please reach out to the   financial aid offices at each college to update them on your circumstances.

  • - Just in case you haven’t filled out your FAFSA or Vermont State Grant applications – there’s still time! Need some pointers to get started? Watch our question-by-question walk-through of FAFSA and Grant applications on YouTube.

  • - Need help comparing financial aid offers? Compare offers from different colleges using our resources at Watch this video listen to VSAC staff on VPR’s Vermont Edition and use VSAC’s financial aid offer comparison tool -- download the form here.

  • - As you think through all the options to pay for your education, watch this video to help you think through all the costs.

  • Here’s the link to access VSAC student loans:

For Juniors:

  • - Keep your college/technical training planning going: Students should be researching colleges or technical training programs. Many colleges/technical training programs are offering virtual tours right now and those can all be found on each specific college/technical program website.

  • - Updates on SAT & ACT: Recent and upcoming test dates for the SAT and ACT have been canceled. In the meantime, the College Board has lots of free SAT prep materials and ACT has free ACT prep materials. Khan Academy also offers free test prep and online learning opportunities. Here is the College and Career

  • Pathways SAT/ACT prep presentation with Matt Shagam, SAT/ACT Prep

  • - You may start thinking about college costs: watch this video to help you think through all the ways you can manage college costs.


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